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The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast is a place where we have fun talking about the phenomenal and the fascinating. A collective of conversations where we stir inquiry, inspiration, and innovations in service to your soul. Expect light-hearted yet stimulating explorations, stories, and insights on spiritual teachings, mystical places, ancient technology, and radical healing modalities. It is a home, for a depth of resource and life-enhancing revelations to expand your life. I invite you to come…listen...and be fascinated.

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Monday Apr 29, 2024

Rosemary Thornton is the author of her latest book:   Remembering the Light: How Dying Saved My Life.  It is a moving and inspiring story of hope, healing, and the return to wholeness.   
When Rose's husband commits suicide, she falls into such a deep well of darkness causing medical experts to question whether she will ever recover. This event, eventually followed by a cancer diagnosis, led to a minor medical procedure which caused her to bleed to death, leaving her body and this world as she once knew it, and going to Heaven.  Rose's remarkable "temporary death experience" has been shared worldwide by more than 3 million viewers.   
In this heartfelt talk, Rose authentically shares her many life-altering experiences and revelations, spiritual insights, and God-centered offerings in service to all who are seeking the path of truth, peace, and a return to wholeness.
To learn more about Rosemary or to read her book, go to:

Sunday Mar 24, 2024

Win Hampton MA, MSS, DSS is the author of the book:  Psychedelics, Transcendence, and Spirituality. For a good portion of his early life, he was devoted to deep psychedelic exploration following the pioneering work of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, and Ram Dass.  He left that path of entheogenic drug use for a rigorous spiritual path in 1979 gaining extensive training in energy field dynamics, spiritual counseling and spiritual science, to name a few.  Having lived life on both sides of the fence as a psychedelic "threshold" experiencer and now for many years as a devout spiritual practitioner, he is passionate about sharing his revolutionary information clarifying how psychotropic drugs effect us both spiritually and energetically.  While psychedelics have the potential to catalyze profound life-enhancing experiences, they can also have the potential to present barriers to our transcendence, spiritual advancement, and even our basic mental wellbeing.  In this exploratory conversation, we address many considerations around this subject as well as such topics as: radiant energies, the nature of Christ consciousness, distinct aspects of the subconscious, the three Selves, the inner realms of being, pattern interruption, and so much more.
To learn more about Win and to purchase his latest work, go to:
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Friday Feb 02, 2024

Ani Williams is a harpist, singer, composer, sound therapist, and author, world-renowned for her dozens of albums of cross-cultural sacred music, as well as decades of pioneering work in Bio-Acoustic Medicine. Currently living in southern France, Williams’ long-awaited book, Guardians of the Dragon Path, is the result of a life of world travel, eighteen years of walking the lands surrounding the Pyrenees, extensive scholarly research, and a series of uncanny dreams that guided her quest of discovery—a shining example that “truth is indeed stranger than fiction.” 
In this episode, we cover many revelations from her book such as, the ground-breaking discovery of an ancient pathway that forms a massive landscape cross that spans over 80 miles long.  What defines this path and its intersection, will astonish you.  Other topics include: how the Pyrenees region serves as an inter-dimensional doorway, the mythical and spiritual nature of dragons and the ancient Dragon Path that aligns with the Paris Meridian, megalithic temples constructed over 6,000 years ago that aligned with the stars, the 7 keys of heaven, deeper considerations around the role of Magdalena and the nature of Holy Grail, and so much more.
To learn more about Ani's work and to purchase her book, go to:

Friday Nov 17, 2023

Chava Floryn-Tombosky is a spiritual educator and author of the book Everything's Gonna Be Okay.   Rabbi Robbi Tombosky has been a rabbinical leader for nearly 30 years, and sought after teacher and speaker who is passionate about supporting individuals deepest values through the teachings of Judaism, Torah, meaningful self-exploration, and purposeful living.  He is the founder of Sage Philanthropy Advisors, a social benefit enterprise that partners with brands, professional athletes, and celebrities who desire to change the world by engaging with causes that address big world challenges. Together with his wife, Chava, they lead the young professionals program at Beth Jacob congregation in Los Angeles, Ca. 
In this episode, we explore touch-points from Chava's book, sharing personal anecdotes on navigating through unexpected trauma, and how we all have the ability to reemerge and reset better than before.  Rabbi Robbie offers many considerations and potent insights rooted in both Judaic and gnostic wisdom - universal to all - such as:  the gift of accountability, the nature of Heaven, having a personal sense of consequence, the seven tenets of the Talmudic sages, the immeasurable importance and mastery of ones' moral character, and the grace of crisis.  
To learn more about their work, go to:

Monday Oct 02, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Diane Hudock-Pleeter, shares wisdom teachings and offerings to cultivate greater self-trust in your life so you can walk more deeply in attunement with Spirit and the flow of creation.  Learn why self-trust is an indispensible quality that informs ones' life, and the connection between trust in the Self and trust in the Divine.  Gain a greater understanding through such sacred references as the Vedas, the Bible, and A Course in Miracles as inroads on this subject, and discover easy strategies and prompts to wrangle the doubt dragon and reclaim your Authentic power.  
Dr. Diane is a spiritual counselor, healer, and creator of The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast.  In her private practice, she has facilitated thousands of people on the path of healing and awakening.  
To learn more go to:  www.alchemyofmastery.com 

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Christine Day is a Pleiadian ambassador sharing the teachings, information, and healing wisdom of these advanced beings.  She is the author of:   Pleiadian Initiations of Light, Pleiadian Principles for Living, and The Pleiadian Promise.
At the top of our talk, Christine shares some very personal stories of her awakening 26 years ago with the Pleiadians as well as with Jesus - who she says also happens to be a Pleiadian. We cover such topics as: who these advanced beings are, their mission for humanity, what they look like, the frequencies they exist on, why some people see them and others don’t, just what exactly is taking place energetically within our DNA, the crystalline centers of the body, potent messages from the Pleadians at this time, and so many more insights that will surely uplift, encourage, and empower you on your sacred and Divine path here and beyond.  
To learn more about Christine Day go to:  www.christinedayonline.com 

Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

Lisa Mucullogh-Roark is the founder of Topanga Grain Co.. located in Los Angeles, CA.  She is a conscious educator, purveyor, and lover of all things "true food bread" and baking the way nature intended.  
Bread as a food has been considered the great sustainer since the beginning of civilzation and has been key to human survival cross culturally.  In some faiths, bread has been considered the nourishment from God. We can find references and the symbolism of bread in the Book of Exodus when the Israelites where freed from slavery in Egypt - as they had no time to make leavened bread, they made flatbread - which came to represent the celebration of Passover in the Jewish tradition and was the bread which Jesus "broke" and utilized in The Last Supper with his disciples.  Other familiar religious references can be found in Christianity through the Lord's Prayer as bread being the spiritual manna or sustenance from Heaven: "Give us this daily bread" and in Jesus' teachings when he said, "I am the bread of life."  
Daily bread as a food, per references in the Old and New Testament can be seen as symbolic of our discipline, our faithfulness, the value of community, and of receiving Divine supernatural provision.  Sourdough bread, when made like our ancestors did and as many integruous bakers do today, can serve as great nutritional sustainers and the food of life. 
In this episode, we discuss such topics as: the nature and make-up of true sourdough, ancient grains and their value, the process of self-milling and properly storing wheat, a history on the commercialization and hybridization of wheat and the increase in digestive diseases, gluten intolerance, etc., understanding the types of flour, simple steps to making your own sourdough starter, and so much more.  
To learn more about Lisa McCullough-Roark, go to:
Here's a quick step by step on making your sourdough starter:
To make your own sourdough starter is a fairly simple and straight-forward process that involves cultivating wild yeast and beneficial bacteria to create a naturally leavened bread dough. 
Unbleached and organic whole wheat/whole grain/rye flour 
Clean pure lukewarm water (chlorine-free, filtered or spring)
Day 1:
 Mix in glass bowl:   1/2 cup (60g) of whole wheat or rye flour w/ 1/4 cup (60ml) of water until a thick paste forms.
Loosely cover the container with a clean cloth (cheese cloth is great) and let it sit at room temperature (approx. 70-75°F) for 24 hours.
Day 2:
Discard about 1/2 of the mixture that you had from Day 1.
Add a new 1/2 cup (60g) of your flour and 1/4 cup (60ml) of clean water to the remaining mixture.  Use your hands and mix well.
Again loosely cover the container and let it sit (at room temp) for another 24 hours.
Days 3-7:
Repeat the process above - daily discarding and feeding process, Make sure to discard about half of the mixture before each feeding.
You should start the mixture is becoming active as you will notice bubbles forming in the dough. 
Around Day 7 or as the starter is now active:
At this point, your starter dough should be bubbly and have a pleasant smell.  Within a few hours of feeding you may notice it doubling in its size as it expands.
From here, you can start using your sourdough starter to bake your bread. Once you are ready to bake, feed your starter and let it become active before using it in a recipe.
How to Properly Maintain Your Sourdough Starter:
If you're not baking daily, you can store your starter in the refrigerator and feed it once a week using equal parts flour and clean water to keep it healthy and alive.
Before using your refrigerated starter for baking, make sure to take it out, let it sit, and feed it at room temperature for a day or two as needed.
Remember, when it comes to making a sourdough starter, this may require some patience and care, as it can take a few days or more to fully develop the desired yeast and bacterial cultures.  However, once your starter is mature and ready, it will serve for delicious, healthy, and nurturing breads and other delectables. 

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

Dr. Gladys McGarey is a 102 year old doctor, author of the best selling book The Well-Lived Life, mother of six children, and co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association.  In this inspiring talk, we discuss highlights from her book on how to live a life of purpose, joy, and vitality no matter what age.  Such topics include:  the "5 L's", how to find one's juice in life, her most potent quality that has been the foundation for living a well-live life, how she healed herself of thyroid cancer naturally by listening to her inner directive, and the integral nature of love and live in service to moving through suffering and making this world one that is our Divine inheritance. 
To learn more about Dr. McGarey and to get a copy of her book go to:
The information contained on this Platform, the Spiritual Geek Out Podcast are for educational and informational purposes only. ​
The information contained on this Platform, The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast  are not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, medical or health advice. The information contained on this Platform is not a substitute for medical or health advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.
Nothing available on or through this Platform should be understood as a recommendation that you should not consult with a medical or health professional to address your particular situation. 
Neither the host of this platform, Diane Hudock-Pleeter or the guest Dr. Gladys McGarey nor any of its employees or owners shall be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions on this Platform or for any damage you may suffer as a result of failing to seek competent medical or health advice from a professional who is familiar with your situation.

Monday Jun 19, 2023

Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a clinical psychologist, professor of graduate psychology at Pepperdine University, a three time Ted-X speaker, and author of the book: 90 Seconds to a Life you Love.  In this episode, we cover many aspects of her latest work such as: the eight most unpleasant feelings and strategies to handle them, a deeper look at anxiety and fear, the two kinds of vulnerability, the two parameters for healthy communication in partnership, what the fear of failure and fear of success are really about, attuning to our capability and resilience, so much more. 
To read Dr. Rosenberg's book or to learn more, go to:

Sunday May 28, 2023

Jonathon Hammond is shamanic practitioner and author of the book: The Shamans’ Mind: Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life.  As a teacher of the Huna way, Jonathan offers a framework for successful living through these esoteric and spiritual principles that are the foundation of many of the shamanistic traditions of Hawaii. 
In this episode he shares his experience of moving into healer-ship as a career, the experiences and opportunities that became present for both of us when one  follows that inner guidance, and how Spirit is truly cheering us on when any of us courageously choose to take the leap and move into the greatest path of service.  
Topics from his book include:  the principles of Huna, ways to deal with our limiting beliefs, the importance of identifying what you want, learning to understand what the hardship in your life symbolizes as a means to healing, the 7 universal laws that all indigenous healers he has found ascribe to, and becoming a greater authority of your Divine creation.
To learn more about Jonathan and purchase his book go to:

Sunday Apr 30, 2023

Dr. Paul Kaye is a connoisseur of relaxation and deep presence.  He has been designing workshops on the practical application of spiritual principles worldwide for decades. 
He has studied with renowned educator, spiritual teacher and author John-Roger DSS, for nearly 50 years and is now president of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), an ecumenical, non-denominational church, founded by John-Roger.  Paul is also an ordained minister, has a Doctorate in Spiritual Science, and has co-authored, with John-Roger, a number of books including: Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being, Momentum: Letting Love Lead, What’s It Like Being You?, Living Life as Your True Self, and The Rest of Your Life: Finding Repose in the Beloved.
In this episode, we discuss such subjects as soul awareness and coming into attunement with our beloved nature, a deeper inquiry into stillness as a dynamic state of being, the metaphor of the yin yang, understanding the still point in creation, and more.  Tune in to the end to receive a beautiful meditation to support you in expanding into the awareness of Presence so that you can feel more free, now.  
To learn more about Dr. Paul Kaye and the concepts shared go to:

Sunday Dec 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered how the patterns in your hand offer insight and directive into the story, path and purpose of your life?  Brent Bruning is a master hand analyst from the International Institute of Hand Analysis and author of the book:  The Power in Your Hands.  In this talk, he brings illuminating clarity to this modern form of the ancient art of palmistry and how the fingerprints point to a deeper connection to creation itself and our Divine role in this ever unfolding continuum.
Sometimes misunderstood as mere fortune telling, hand analysis is rooted in the deeper understanding of the Self through reading the entirety of ones hand with great detail, precision, and acumen. He offers his depth of knowledge and experience around this work having studied over 20,000 hands on such topics as:  the interpretation of line formations and shapes in the hand known as chirognomy; how the hand is directly linked to the sensory cortex, how the blueprint of your early consciousness comes in through the thumb, the archetypal patterns found in the hand and their relevance to your choices in life, and how we can ultimately use this tool to facilitate greater awareness of who we truly are - our inherent gifts, highest path of unfoldment, and Soul purpose.  
Brent has offered a special discount to receive your own hand analysis for all Spiritual Geek Out listeners.  Simply type in:  SpiritualGeekOut upon check out. 
To learn more about Brent's work go to:

Monday Nov 14, 2022

Dr. Gil Kajiki is a chiropractor, certified functional medicine practitioner, patient educator, and author of the book:  Sick, Tired, Untreated and Abandoned:  How the Medical Community Fails Hashimoto's Patients, and How You Can Get Your Life Back.  In this talk we explore many inroads to healing, optimal wellness, and addressing the limited perceptions around thyroid dysfunction - particularly autoimmune thyroid or Hashimotos.  Such topics include lesser known supplemental approaches to healing, potential correlates to this disease manifestation, understanding the great differentiation in lab analysis, the case of cellular mimicry, and much much more.  For anyone suffering from thyroid disease, this episode can serve as a potent resource for your healing journey and self-knowledge.
To learn more about Dr Kajiki go to:
The information contained on this Platform, the Spiritual Geek Out Podcast are for educational and informational purposes only. ​
The information contained on this Platform, The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast  are not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, medical or health advice. The information contained on this Platform is not a substitute for medical or health advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.
Nothing available on or through this Platform should be understood as a recommendation that you should not consult with a medical or health professional to address your particular situation. 
Neither the host of this platform, Diane Hudock-Pleeter or the guest Dr. Gil Kajiki nor any of its employees or owners shall be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions on this Platform or for any damage you may suffer as a result of failing to seek competent medical or health advice from a professional who is familiar with your situation.

Monday Oct 24, 2022

Gary Springfield - visionary, teacher, and author of The Source Dialogues is back for another heart illuminating and spiritually stimulating discussion on all things Soul, Christ Consciousness, and the dissolving of illusion.  In this episode, we pick up from our previous talk and go deeper around the subject of the Christ matrix and awakening to our perfection.  We traverse such topics as:  how we block the perceiving of the Light within, how we can learn to observe all of creation with equanimity, the significance of the unconscious feeling body, the opportunity for every soul right now in service to healing unresolved darkness, the nature of the void, and so much more.  
To learn more about Gary, go to:

Saturday Oct 08, 2022

Catia Machado dos Santos is the author of Runes: The Cryptology of the Soul, a book that is a great culmination of her journey working with the ancient technology of the runes for many decades - portals as she describes them to be to the akasha.  We open with her sharing what set her off on this new and radical soul directive - an encounter 46 years ago on a beach, with a starship and its benevolent light beings.  From that point forward her life changed, as her consciousness was dramatically altered for the better.  New information on the nature of Soul, karma, DNA cleaning, spiritual protection and spiritual laws, the runic system, and much more became known in her awareness.  We address many of these revelations, her experiences into other realms, and the ultimate opportunity here on Earth - to awaken to our knowledge and heal ourselves in all ways, because we can. 
NOTE: this interview is translated from Portuguese to English 
To learn more about Catia and her work, go to:

Saturday Sep 03, 2022

In this episode we explore many principles, teachings, stories, and writings of the prophet Bahaullah, the founder of the Baha'i faith.  We discuss just who Bahaullah was and was considered to be by many that followed him, the phenomena of the prophetic cycle on Earth, his main message for humanity, predictions made a couple centuries ago of which many have come to pass, Bahaulah's teachings on death, conception, and the afterlife, how to change our relationship to pain and suffering, and so much more.  
Deborah Walters is a licensed homeopath, researcher, and devout practitioner for almost two decades of the Baha'i faith.  She is the author of the internationally best selling book, The Supreme Remedy - based on her extensive research on the body, ego and soul coherence, which offers deep insights into the Baha'i fast.  In her private practice she offers over 15 years of experience & research on the microbiome, rewiring the nervous system and trauma; tenacious at innovating new ways of holistic healing that are both effective and practical.  Currently, she is immersed in research towards a PhD in Neurobehavioral Sciences, seeking the knowledge that could wholly but not entirely, eliminate fear. 
To learn more go to:
Deborah’s website: www.deborahshealingarts.com
Deborah’s book: www.grbooks.com 
Links on Baha'i teachings:

Friday Aug 12, 2022

Dr Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver are partners in life and in the business of intimate relationship who have assisted more than ten thousand couples and singles in rekindling and expanding themselves around this subject for over the past two decades.  They are the authors of the book, Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love, and Intimacy.  Elsbeth and Freddy are also the founders and directors of the TantraNova Institute in Chicago and have shared their intimacy wisdom on Showtime's documentary series, Sexual Healing.  
In this rich and deeply revealing talk, they share at great length the principles of Tantra, as a language of love and a path to wholeness.  We break down such topics as: how life force energy and sexual energy are one in the same, just what is a yoni, relationship mastery being mastery of Self, explaining the body as a sex in a conscious way, how to transmute sexual energy to the heart, the value of not spilling one's life force energy, and distinguishing between fulfillment and gratification.  Dr Elsbeth humbly shares how she transformed her long history of attracting unavailable men and the spiritual opportunity that came present many years later through undergoing a hysterectomy and its connection to trauma and/or patterns held in the body.  
To learn more about their work visit:

Sunday Jul 10, 2022

Every once in a while, The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast incorporates renowned health experts in their respective fields to bring forth important and cutting-edge information to support your healing journey.  Dr Sanda Moldovan is no exception.  She is an award-winning periodontist, internationally recognized speaker, author of the book:  Heal Up: Seven Ways to Faster Healing and Optimum Health, and the go-to consultant for the Emmy award-winning, syndicated television series, "The Doctors".  
Many people are not aware that the mouth is the gateway to our health.  Dr. Sanda breaks down for us all just how and why this is.  
In this eye opening and information rich talk, we cover a wide array of topics such as: root canals and their correlation with many disease states, the usage of titanium as it relates to meridians and conductivity, mercury in the mouth and autoimmunity, how every tooth is a living organ, the miracle of ozone and why you should know about it if you have any dental or health issues, specific bacterias found in periodontal disease, and much much more.
Dr Sanda Moldovan is offering a generous 20 percent discount in her online shop for all SGO podcast listeners.  You can purchase many of the things mentioned in our talk from the ozone tumbler generator, enzymes, oral probiotics, and more at:
Go to: SHOP and type in the code: DIANE20 to receive 20% off your entire order.

Friday Jun 24, 2022

Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick are pioneers and worldwide leaders in the field of Spiritual Psychology, as well as, teachers and facilitators of Awakening in Consciousness.  They are renowned educators, founding members and faculty at the University of Santa Monica where they have designed, developed, and facilitated educational programs in Spiritual Psychology for the past 35 years.  They are authors of the best selling book: Loyalty To Your Soul:  The Heart of Spiritual Psychology and their latest work:  Remembering the Light Within:  A Course in Soul-Centered Living, both published by Hay House. 
In this heartfelt and deeply inspiring talk they breakdown with great specificity the essence of Spiritual Psychology, the essence of deep healing, and the essence of you - as a Soul having a human experience.  We explore many key teachings and principles in Spiritual Psychology such as:  how our perceptual filters determine how we see the world, how you relate to the issue is the issue, the laws of Spirit, and how nothing outside of you causes your disturbances.  Learn how to transcend victimhood, the opportunity present in every situation and this Earth school, and how we can all awaken to our essential loving nature no matter what.  This talk will provide you with potent take-aways for your own evolution and inner awakening.  
To learn more about Ron & Mary and their upcoming online Loyalty to Your Soul workshop on September 9, 10 & 11, go to:

Wednesday Jun 08, 2022

In this episode I speak with two phenomenal beings whose mission is to bring water - true water - back into our bodies as well as this planet in service to rebalancing creation and fulfilling our highest purpose.  Gina Bria is recognized as one of the foremost researchers in hydration science and education. She is an anthropologist, author of the book Quench, and founder of the non-profit organization:  The Hydration Foundation, whose mission is to promote new practices of true hydration informed by the paradigm shifting science of structured water.  Kenny Lu, is the co-founder of the revolutionary water filtration system Spring Aqua, which mimics the most intelligent sources in nature such as the healing waters in Lordes, France.  He is a passionate educator of structured water and eco-health for Mother Earth seeking to bring this intelligence back into not only our homes, but our farms and agriculture.  We ask such questions as: What is water and how should we really perceive it?  How is it that we are made up of 99% water molecularly and just what does that mean?  What is structured water exactly and why is that relevant to human health?  Do certain kinds of water carry a greater conductivity?  How did we become so dehydrated and what is it's relevance spiritually?  These, and many other potent questions and considerations are brought forth in educating ourselves back into balance with one of the most critically essential elements of life.  
To learn more about Gina go to:
To learn more about Kenny Lu and his water technology for your 
home, farm, garden, or office go to:

Thursday May 26, 2022

In this deeply illuminating exchange, C. Von Hassett, a decades long practitioner of Dzogchen, editor and chief of LA’s premier literary and cultural magazine Riot Material, and author of the book Entering the Mind, shares wisdom filled considerations on how we can awaken ourselves toward the recognition of our own mind in its most natural state. Considered the highest form of meditation in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, he explains how Dzogchen is a doorway to self-knowing, non-dual awareness - or rigpa, and how its teachings provide the path to accessing full knowledge. We break down such topics as:  the difference between conceptual mind and non-conceptual mind, the illusion of the “I” in meditation, why our stories are false, how we can move from attachment to allowance, and the 4th state of time.  C. Von shares humbling, personal stories and influences that radically shaped his journey and brought him to greater wholeness.  This is a beautiful and enriching talk for both meditator and non-meditator alike.  
To learn more about C. Von Hassett, go to:

Friday May 13, 2022

In this educational episode, I talk with heart-centered entrepreneur, devout yogi and father, Noah Hammond Tyrrell on all things hemp, CBD, cannabis and the path of true yoga.  A compound somewhat still misunderstood by many, he breaks down the walls of confusion around this plant medicine and offers digestible information, guidance, and research from his extensive knowledge and experience. We open the conversation with his potent and moving story of how he helped completely heal his father of 4th stage pancreatic cancer using CBD oil and juicing which led to his heartfelt mission to start FeelGood Hemp and educate the world on this remarkable plant medicine in service to alleviating the suffering of humanity.  We cover such topics as:  the nature of the endocannabinoid system and why that matters, many of the derivatives and how it relates to addressing different conditions of the body, recent and eye-opening peer reviewed studies, and the recorded history of its medicinal and spiritual usage dating as far back as 4000 years ago.  As a committed and devout practitioner of the Kriya yogic path as taught by his guru YogiRaj Gurunath Siddhanath, Noah shares personal aspects of the spiritual approach and opportunities to refine our perceptual reality for the better.  
As a gift to our listeners, he is offering a generous 25% discount on ALL products with this link: www.feelgoodhemp.org/diane
Once you're there, use code: diane25 

Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

Brent Michael Phillips is the author of the three part series:  The Formula for Miracles and his own form of consciousness technology called Awakening Dynamics.  In this episode, we begin with his potent personal story and impetus that parlayed him from a hard-wired MIT scientist and successful internet programmer into a teacher of quantum healing technology.  We discuss such topics as:  the fundamental aspects of the Universe, witness consciousness, the power of getting out of ones' head, the vehicles for coherent manifestation, the Uncertainty Principle as it relates to healing, the issue with herd mentality when you are trying to transform your life, and how our subconscious programming determines what is possible for each individual.  
To learn more about Brent and his work go to:

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Nenah Sylver, PhD is an educator and author of: The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health.  In this episode, we explore her own health journey and the impetus that led her to birth this voluminous and comprehensive textbook that has helped support thousands of people worldwide in finding alternative pathways and information in service to their own health and wellness.  We breakdown potent excerpts from her book on a myriad of topics, such as: what Rife frequency is and does, the value of electro-medicine in this current paradigm, a brief history and transformation of the medical allopathic model from her perspective, and the empowerment that comes from listening to your body.  For those on the path of healing and curious about alternative modalities and supportive approaches to increasing your overall wellbeing, Nenah's years of research and insight offer curious seekers much consideration.  
To learn more about Nenah Sylver, PhD and her work, go to:
The information contained on this Platform, the Spiritual Geek Out Podcast are for educational and informational purposes only. ​
The information contained on this Platform, The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast are not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, medical or health advice. The information contained on this Platform is not a substitute for medical or health advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.
Nothing available on or through this Platform should be understood as a recommendation that you should not consult with a medical or health professional to address your particular situation. 
Neither the host of this platform, Diane Hudock-Pleeter or the guest Nenah Sylver PhD nor any of its employees or owners shall be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions on this Platform or for any damage you may suffer as a result of failing to seek competent medical or health advice from a professional who is familiar with your situation.

Saturday Mar 26, 2022

Dr Marianne Teitelbaum D.C. is the author of the book: Healing the Thyroid with Ayurveda:  Natural Treatments for Hashimoto's, Hypothyroidism, and Hyperthyroidism.  She trained for 17 years under her mentor, the esteemed Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, and brings forth a plethora of knowledge in service to healing our immune systems and bolstering our vital health.  In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics such as: the stages of disease per the Ayurvedic system, the relationship between the gallbladder/liver and the thyroid, the issue with synthetic k2, the miracle of clarified butter, a deeper look at melatonin, the three components critical for immune regulation, neurotoxins and autoimmunity, the power of light, just why so many people today are suffering from thyroid disease (among many other issues) and so much more.  It is chock full of information, fueling you with the truth that health is within everyone's reach.
To learn more about Dr Marianne Teitelbaum's work, go to:  https://drmteitelbaum.com
The information contained on this Platform, the Spiritual Geek Out Podcast are for educational and informational purposes only. ​
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Monday Mar 14, 2022

Gary Springfield is the author of Source Dialogues:  The Miracle Mechanism of Manifestation.  Gary is a gifted visionary, spiritual teacher, healer and meditation master who has dedicated his life to the path of enlightenment. The purpose of his work is to assist individuals in creating spiritual, mental and emotional coherence which allows the innate perfection of the Soul or Higher-Self to be revealed within form.
In this episode, we discuss this integration of the Higher-Self within physicality which creates a human/divine form. This integration being the next stage of evolution on Earth, will allow humanity to regenerate the planet and eradicate suffering and disease. 
Other topics include:  What is the Christ mind vs the God mind?  What is the nature of Eoma?  How is DNA formed by the star tetrahedron?  Ancient Egypt and how the Sphinx is a dimensional train, the true nature of manifestation, and the real purpose of karma and angels. 
To learn more about Gary, go to:

Saturday Feb 26, 2022

Kelly Schwegel is the author of The Art of Inner Alchemy:  Understanding the Purpose of this Life and Your Growth Within It.   We open on her unique entree into the world of healing arts when, after working as a specialist and leader in the field of education for over twenty years, she is literally called by Spirit to drop everything and change course. In this episode we cover such topics as:  learning how to act on our messages and trust Spirit’s guidance, the criteria necessary to activate one’s inner alchemy, the specific levels involved in Soul development, how the pineal gland acts like a satellite, and the difference between clairvoyance and thought.   Learn about the stages of alchemy as it relates to healing, how we are all evolving out of the ego, and the power of belief in service to creating the perfect blueprint of health.  
To learn more about Kelly, go to:

Saturday Feb 19, 2022

Darren Starwynn has been a Doctor of Chinese Medicine for over 30 years, the developer of the Acutron microlight device and Starwynn Light System, and author of the book, Awakening the Avatar Within:  A Roadmap to Uncover Your Superpowers, Upgrade your Body and Uplift Humanity.  In this episode, we address what it means to claim our inner mastery, the opportunity for all lightworkers right now and work with the current energies, and the 14 groups that we can serve to gain a greater understanding of our place and higher purpose.  Other topics include:  dissolving the old ideas of Self, the value of working with the Merkaba, and multidimensional forgiveness as shapeshifters to profound healing.  
To learn more about Darren go to:
Darren Starwynn is leading a free global online event on March 10, 2022: "Three Quantum Activations" at which you can experience the Quantum Field and activate your higher healing energies. Learn more and register at this link: www.lightworkerministry.com/2022

Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Adam C. Hall is the author of “Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve” - a spiritual unveiling that unpacks 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings he discovered on his shape-shifting  journey which led him from the shores of Santa Barbara, CA to the jungles of Peru.  In this episode, we address the gravity of what it means to come into our own Divine genius, the thrust of our evolutionary potential, and the human operating system 2.0.  He shares many transmissions he received from this collective energy he refers to as “MEN” on such potent topics as: free will vs. Divine Will, moving from evolution to involution, redefining true wealth and the abolishment of scarcity consciousness,  and understanding our greatest obstacle to peace.  
For more information on Adam’s work, go to:

Saturday Jan 08, 2022

It's the new year and for many, it’s a time to set new goals, visions, and upgrade our lives.  In this episode, Diane Hudock-Pleeter, creator of the Spiritual Geek Out podcast, spiritual healer and teacher, offers simple but potent tools that will get you moving in the right direction towards where you want to go through processes of priming the consciousness and redirecting our thoughts to what we want.  Part one, learn three key things you can do as well as three key questions to ask yourself to assist you in manifesting your goals and getting deeply rooted in the “why”.  Part two, listen to a powerful visioning process and meditation to repattern the consciousness and feed the momentum of your own Divine choosing. 
To learn more about Diane’s work go to:
Tuning excerpt is Fibonnaci frequency from www.biosonics.com

Saturday Dec 25, 2021

Jackie Woodside is the author of the best-selling books , “Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time” and “Time for Change:  Essential Skills for Managing the Inevitable.”  In this episode, we break down key teachings, no-nonsense directives, and exercises from her  latest book, “Money Vibe:  Your Financial Freedom Formula”.  From being homeless and couch surfing to manifesting  a business with over 7 figures, Jackie shares with great heart and clarity the essence of what a money vibe is and why it truly matters, and how she shifted and created a different vibration pattern moving from one of tremendous struggle and insufficiency, into a life of prosperity and tangible flow.  Learn a simple but highly effective process to change your brain function and structure to give you a better experience of life, what to do when your belief doesn’t echo your affirmations, and approaches to create your 3-5 year prosperity vision.  Other topics include, how our thoughts influence the “field” of reality, a deeper look at true financial freedom and the understanding of God’s supply, and anecdotal stories supporting the energetic matrix that life is.  
To learn more about Jackie, go to:  
www. Jackiewoodside.com  

Saturday Dec 11, 2021

Richard Powell DSS is the author of  Essence Into Form:  The Magic and Power of the Triangle of Manifestation. 
He shares personal stories and answers pivotal questions from his book that were shaped around his nearly 40 years experience with his spiritual wayfarer, John Roger DSS, a holder of keys known as The Mystical Traveler Consciousness.  From hitting rock bottom during the real estate crash decades ago which found him in a place of appearing to lose everything and sleeping on his friend’s blow up mattress in his garage, to his first encounter with his spiritual teacher that set him on a radical trajectory of expansion, Richard brings light to the power of our habitable patterns and the opportunities that life offers when we can see through the lens of our elevated perspective.  Other topics include his experiences on the trips of miracles with John Roger - wild revelations about dragons and a spiritual worm that served to take down the Berlin Wall.  Learn about the alchemic Triangle of Manifestation, take a deeper look at belief systems from the “Traveler’s” view point, Solomon’s Shamir and John Roger’s application of it, and the discipline of holding oneself to the good and unconditional forgiveness.  
To learn more about Richard Powell’s work, go to:

Sunday Dec 05, 2021

Anuradha Gajaraj-Lopez is the humble author of, Agastya, The Path, a revelatory book containing great spiritual knowledge downloaded from the revered Sage Agastya and divinely revealed to her late father, K.M. Gajaraj during his meditations.  Over some time and following a Divine occurrence, it became apparent to Anu that she was to carry out the work of translating and transliterating her father’s original manuscript, Agasthiyar Vazhipaadu  - a book partly written in Tamil, a language she could not read or understand - and bring its spiritual knowledge forth to organically spread throughout the world.  
In this episode, we discuss who Agustya was and is, the aspects of the avatars, and Agustya’s input on the purpose of all life.  Other topics include: how knowledge is considered to be the greatest of all “givings,” spiritual knowledge vs. temporal knowledge, the veil of illusion being our greatest block, the greatest tamasic condition for humanity, the crux of karma, sound directives on cultivating a calm mind and healthy body, and much more.
To learn more about Anu and these sacred teachings, go to:

Sunday Nov 28, 2021

John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., is one of the foremost philosophers and ground-breaking innovators in the realm of sound healing therapies.  He is also a world-renowned speaker, composer, pianist, Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, NYS licensed psychotherapist, board certified Polarity Practitioner, and author of Human Tuning, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, Bellevue Memoirs, Polarity Therapy Workbook, and Sound Healing And Values Visualization:  Creating a Life of Value.  Dr. Beaulieu has pioneered a technique called Biosonic Repatterning™, a natural method of healing and consciousness development utilizing tuning forks and other modalities based on the sonic patterns inherent in nature.  
In this episode, we discuss Dr. Beaulieu’s  early discoveries in the 1970’s whilst spending over 500 hours over two years in an anechoic chamber and how his intuition led him to the forks.  He shares the pivotal ah-ha moments of insight, awareness, and learning of the vibrational nature of our bodies and beingness. 
Learn the value of C & G as a fundamental archetype to how your body grows, the vibrational nature of homeopathy, how nitric oxide is considered the breath of life, the understanding of quali vs. pure vibration,  the relationship with the sphenoid and pituitary (as well as the pineal and 3rd ventricle) as the doorway to alternate realities, and more.  
A gem of a conversation for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of:  awakening  consciousness, pathways to true healing, and utilizing frequency as a sacred inroad to transcendence.  
To learn more about Dr. John Beaulieau’s work, go to:
NOTE:  Check back for video clips on Schauberger spiral, as well as, anatomy portion. 

Saturday Nov 20, 2021

Oram Miller is an expert on EMF full stop.  He is also a certified building biology environmental consultant, electromagnetic radiation specialist, and serves on the faculty of The Building Biology Institute.  In this lengthy and densely packed informational episode, he unpacks the four culprits: magnetic fields, electrical fields, radio frequency, and dirty electricity offering rich insight and directives on how to mitigate these stresses and learn the differences.  We cover a broad span of issues around the EMF narrative such as: symptoms of EMF exposure, the safety ratings of Europe compared to the US, research on the effects of mitochondria from cell phones, and good screening devices to monitor all these currents on your own.  
To learn more about Oram, read his extensive articles as mentioned from this talk, and purchase recommended devices, go to:

Saturday Nov 13, 2021

David Elliot is a naturopathic practitioner and a much sought out expert of blood chemistry analysis for optimum physiological balance. His exceptional knowledge of vitamins, minerals, herbal therapies, and homeopathics comes from over 35 years experience in the field.  
In this episode,  we cover many subjects that affect so many people such as:  thyroid disease/Hasimotos, vitamin D deficiency, obesity, and poor diet.  We explore what optimal immune function really is, the difference between integrative lab analysis tests vs. the typical standard lab charts, the importance of protein and its relation to neuroinflammation, stabilizing blood sugar, his take on the latest “experimentals”, and learning to make better choices overall for graceful aging and true  wellness
To learn more about David Elliot go to:
All Resources and Supplements discussed in show:
For the EMF protection pendant Diane refers to along with great shower filter Dr. Elliot recommends, go to: http://ewater.com?afmc=ev
Oxicell Cream from Apex Energetics www.apexenergetics.com 

Saturday Nov 06, 2021

Dr Jon Mundy is a renowned expert, lecturer, and author on the teachings of, A Course In Miracles.
He is the author of 12 books including:   A Course in Mysticism and Miracles, Eternal Life and A Course in Miracles, Lesson 101: Perfect Happiness, Living A Course in Miracles, Missouri Mystic, What is Mysticism?, Listening To Your Inner Guide, Awaken To Your Own Call, The Ten Laws of Happiness, Money and Jesus, Search for the Center and Learning to Die.  His best-selling book, Living A Course in Miracles (2011) is now in 8 languages.  Jon met Dr Helen Schucman who downloaded A Course in Miracles along with the help of her colleague Dr. Thetford, in 1973.  They along with Dr. Ken Wapnick, introduced him to the teachings one year prior to its publication.   
In this episode,  Jon breaks down such fundamental subjects that  A Course in Miracles 
brings forth in great depth, such as: 
Why are we really here?
What is Heaven?
What is a false idol?
What is the function of illness and the path to all healing? 
And many other subjects relevant to our awakening, upliftment, and ultimately Soul salvation.
Jon shares his moving personal experiences, insights on death, inner knowing, cause and effect, and opportunities to grow into the place of loving it all.  A moving talk full of valuable teachings worthy of daily consideration and heartfelt integration for us all.
To learn more about Jon Mundy’s work go to:

Monday Nov 01, 2021

Ira Israel is a psychotherapist and author of How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re an Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening.  Ira leads sold-out Happiness and Authenticity workshops at Esalen and Kripalu and has written over 400 articles on psychology, philosophy, Buddhism, yoga, film, art, music & literature for The Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Mind Body Green, Thrive Global, and Medium. He is the producer, writer and instructor of the best-selling series: Authenticity and Awakening for Lovable Idiots,  A Beginner's Guide to Happiness, A Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness for Depression, Mindfulness for Anxiety, and Yoga for Depression and Anxiety.  A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he holds graduate degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. 
In this talk, Ira shares powerful insights and curiosity-fueling considerations around a wide-range of subjects beginning with his near-fatal accident in 1985, the grace in deconstructing the stories of our lives, and an exploration of Vedanta explained in five terms. Other topics include: how language creates our reality, the value of testing our comfort margins, overcoming resentments and the path of authenticity in healing, parapsychology, anecdotal stories on past-lives and other unexplained phenomena, and the creation of new systems for humanity.  It is a full-spectrum conversation as he offers his knowledge, humor, and rich insight with great candor and rootedness.  
To learn more about Ira Israel go to:
Right now Ira is offering his online course "Authenticity and Awakening for Lovable Idiots" to Diane’s  listeners for only $27
using the code DIANEPODCAST

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Indra Rinzler has been a seeker and devotee on the spiritual path for almost 50 years bringing forth his simple but potent sharing on a life well-lived.  A student of astrology since the early 70’s and a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda for decades, he spent over 20 years living in a spiritual community experiencing deep lessons in discipleship and Indian philosophy.  In 1999, his life changed when he was introduced by one of his most influential teachers on the Enneagram and intuitively began seeing the intricate connections between the Enneagram of personality and astrology.
In this episode, we examine the Yugas - these cycles of the ages as described in detail by Master yogi and Indian monk Sri Yukteswar Giri in his work The Holy Science in 1894, the Dwapara cycle we are in now for approximately another 2000 years, and the discrepancies that have arisen regarding these spiritual timelines that inform humanity. We address the deeper meaning of Venus energy, aspects of the Enneagram for gaining keys to life, the greatest delusion affecting humanity, the awakening experience as defined by Maharishi, and excerpts from Autobiography of a Yogi as he pulls from the lessons of Paramahansa Yogananda. 
To learn more about Indra Rinzler, go to:

Saturday Oct 16, 2021

Dr. Swan A. Montague is a spiritual teacher, initiate and ambassador of The Christed Feminine, author of The Book Of Sahra: Jesus’ Secret Wife, Caviar for the Soul, and senior advisor and faculty member of the Consciousness & Spirituality Faculty at NewEarth University.  Almost two decades ago, when on her deathbed, Yeshua appeared to her, and through a series of miraculous events, instructed her to write The Book Of Sahra, to break the seals, reveal once secret teachings and truths that have been hidden for over 2000 years.  
In this episode, Dr Swan shares pivotal moments and lessons from her spiritual crisis and life-altering experience, how we can transform the lower vibrational frequencies of this planet, and humanity’s calling right now.  We unpack the breakdown of lower vibrational systems and planetary infrastructures currently playing out, and discuss key tenets from The 17 Edicts of the New Laws of Karma - Divinely ordained commandments for the New Golden Age as decreed by Yeshua (Christ of the Closing Age) and Sahra (The Feminine Christ of the Closing Age).  Other topics include the acceleration of the karmic clearing up, pseudo spirituality, and how we can stay emotionally connected and live in one accord during this great shift.
To learn more about Dr. Swan, go to:
The New Laws of Karma:

Saturday Oct 09, 2021

Robert Waterman has been a spiritual teacher for over 50 years, teaching classes in the United States and throughout Europe.  He is author of many books such as:  The Power of Love:  The Ways and Means, Eyes Made of Soul: Theory and Practice of Noetic Balancing, Footprints of Eternity: Ancient Mysteries Applied to Modern Therapy, Mandala of Soul: A Spiritual Approach to the Art of Archetypal Psychology, and his latest work, Transcendental Leadership: We Bring Love.  He is a licensed mental health counselor, minister, as well as the founder, president  emeritus, and current faculty of Southwestern College in New Mexico (a spiritually oriented graduate school for counselors and art therapists).  He holds a doctorate in Education and Counseling, and a Masters in Sociology.
In this episode, Robert brings forth his depth of knowledge, a half a century worth of experience, and deep heartfelt considerations to complex questions of soul, consciousness, and healing.  We explore such subjects as: taking our filters off and learning to be present, deconstructing our sedimented belief systems, remembering who we are and what we bring as a soul into this life, and how “love will have its way” as a Universal Divine Law and inroad into understanding the meaning of Christ Consciousness.  This talk holds great seeds of spiritual teachings and tenets such as: the power of true gratitude as an access point to keys to Heaven, recognizing our pain as simply being blocked love, and the balancing effect of the pandemic to usher in a love-based system through the power of our Divine agency to choose into it.  
To learn more about Robert Waterman’s depth of work and writings, go to: 

Saturday Oct 02, 2021

Kerri Hummingbird is soul-guide, shamanic healer, and award-winning author of such mentionables as: Me to We - Emerging Self After Divorce, Awakening to Me - One Woman’s Journey to Self-Love, and The Second Wave - Transcending the Human Drama.  In this richly illuminating, heart openingly honest, and revelatory conversation, we unpack potent excerpts from her latest work, Love is Fierce, and offer guideposts to becoming an agent of change, reconnecting to our personal sovereignty, and understanding the potency of what it really means to claim our power.  We pull from personal stories, triumphs and tragedies, and the ancestral ideas of women that have conditioned the disconnection and disempowerment paradigms that are now on the way out.  Learn about the five core words, taking responsibility for your personal journey, the reimagining of your original nature, the necessity of inner reconciliation work, and the deeper meaning of the idea of the woman as a vessel.  A highly recommended listen for all women - and those who love them, as we move into the Aquarian Age and transcend the mother wounds that are shaking loose in humanity once and for all.  
To learn more go to:

Saturday Sep 25, 2021

Ani Williams is a world renowned harpist, singer, author, and sound therapist.  For over  three decades she has done seminal work in the study of sound healing, bio-acoustic medicine and the relationship between musical tones, the human voice, and healing.  In 1994, she developed Songaia Sound Medicine  - a system of using specific musical frequencies as an effective healing tool to transform her client’s lives. This unique and transformative modality incorporates Hermetic sound science, Voice Spectrum Analysis, Medical Astrology, and her Songaia Sound CDs.  As a musician, she has recorded over two-dozen highly acclaimed albums of original sacred music based on ancient spiritual traditions, as well as her own Songaia(Earth song) sound meditation series.  Ani’s seminars have been presented in the US, Mexico, Holland, and England and leads sacred pilgrimages to France, Spain, England and Scotland, where her groups experience the transformative power of sound. 
In this episode, we kick back and nerd out over the possibilities that frequency, sound, and sacred music has to affect us in very specific and dynamic ways. Such topics include, the music of the spheres, the twelve tone scale, the wisdom of the Hermetic sciences and their knowledge of sound, the aspects of voice analysis and a sampling of sacred key tones, and Ani’s personal stories of transformation and miracles working with autistic children and others.  
Show notes:
Intro to Sound Alchemy:https://youtu.be/C7UCF9ghTto
Link to the IAO Treasury of Light vowel chant given to the disciples by Jesus to create what he said would be “a garment of Light”.  This stunning video was filmed at Puivert Chateau, a troubadour castle in SW France.  The music is part of the Earthling Project under SETI Institute Artists in Residence program to send voices of the Earth to the Moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcIsMb7nW-8
Worthy of mention:
After over two decades of teaching, Ani’s bio-acoustics online training will be launching in 2022. 

Saturday Sep 18, 2021

Every now and then, host Diane Hudock will jump in solo on the podcast to share pressing topics, offer insights, tools, techniques, processes, and meditations to address a current climate, condition, or need. 
In this special episode, she breaks down in easy-to-digest pieces, the fundamental teachings of ancient yogic vrittis (or fluctuations of the mind), how they are thoroughly applicable to us today as it relates to creating fear, and how we can work with these aspects to return us to our inherent power,  inner peace, and Divine knowing.  In the second half of this talk, she takes you through a potent and empowering clearing process - via the avenue of the five elemental metaphors based in Chinese medicine and the Touch for Health energy system - to disassemble and shake loose the fear-based constrictions, patterns, and thought forms.  It is a rich and grounding talk chock full of considerations, spiritual tenets, and life-enhancing principles to ignite your awareness and return you to your sacred center.  
To learn more go to:  www.alchemyofmastery.com

Saturday Sep 11, 2021

Have you ever wondered why you feel good in certain homes or properties, and bad in others?  Are you experiencing stagnation, stuckness, struggle, or ill-health and wonder if the nature of your dwelling is possibly contributing in some way?  
Priya Sher is one of the most sought after Feng Shui experts in the world, having consulted and transformed over a thousand properties --- from large palatial mansions, opulent yachts, and luxury businesses to smaller establishments and humble studio apartments.  In this informative episode, she shares her fascinating early-life impressions which led her on this alchemaic path, as well as, the insight given from her rigorous and extensive training with her teacher of over 20 years, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.  
We discuss the gravity of a home which is harmonized - to either support or diminish energies.  Discover the relevance of the five elements such as wind and water to establish and maintain life energy, and the differences between Earth, Heaven, and human luck.  Feng Shui, being considered an aspect of Earth luck, Priya offers simple but immediate remedies to optimize our Earth area in our lives.  Get out your pen to learn things you can do right now to improve the areas of money, health, relationships, overall harmony, and activate what she refers to as the “pulse points” in any residence.  Gain a greater awareness of how every space, as Feng Shui denotes, is living energy, and how even the littlest details have the power to transform our lives - from the importance of a well-cared-for front door to the consideration and  mitigation of sharp edges in your living room and beyond.  
To learn more about her work, go to: http://www.priyasher.com

Saturday Sep 04, 2021

Milagros Phillips is affectionately known as “The Race Healer,” facilitating programs for over 35 years on race literacy, racial conditioning, and healing from racism that inform, transform, and lead to inspired action.
Her programs are presented at educational institutions, Fortune 100 companies, corporations, and public courses and seminars. A keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, three times author, and certified coach, Milagros's fourth book, Cracking the Healers Code: A Prescription for Healing Racism and Finding Wholeness, walks one through the stages of healing and is an invitation to take your rightful place within the human family beyond the myopic conditioning that has infiltrated our world and psyche.
In this episode, we discuss the layers of conditioning that run deep based on our own personal experiences, the cultivation for race literacy to dissolve the lies and misconceptions of our history, and steps needed to create a different tomorrow.  She shares pivotal and stunning personal stories which shaped her work and informed her  life - from being homeless more than once, the personal secret her mother endured to protect her child, and coming into this world initially as a stillbirth.  This talk shares thoughtful considerations and encouragement - both individually and collectively -  to walk through the shadow to find the Light.  
Other topics include: 
What's going on in our bodies and life tells us about our ancestors
Trying to heal on a myth creates illusion
How traumatized people traumatize others, the epigenetic phenomenon 
Reframing individualized trauma
To learn more, go to:

Saturday Aug 28, 2021

David Strikel is a channeler, teacher, and author of “The Stream:  Eternal Wisdom for a Better Life”.  Since childhood, he has received Divine guidance by this energy he simply refers to as  “The Stream” and through its guidance, in alignment with Universal Law, has developed a mindset practice based on their teachings called the TYA practice which serves to dismantle the misunderstandings and limited interpretations around the Law of Attraction, polarity, energy, and vibration. This episode is broken down into two, deeply, fortifying parts for the listener.  Part One, David leads by personal example, through the unique contrast of his broken upbringing and how it purposefully influenced his own state for allowing.  Some topics include: learning how to get out of the way of the Universe, operating “with” polarity, detuning our transgressors and dissolving the victim vibration, how to expand within the experience of unwanted things, and simple yet powerful directives to clear our blocks to manifestation.  Part 2, The Stream, as channeled through David, shows up to answer pertinent questions, applicable to all, sent in from podcast listeners across the globe.   Another episode worthy of putting on repeat to seed these consciousness  expanding teachings and anchoring you in the joy of the journey.  
To learn more about the Stream of David and the TYA teachings go to:

Saturday Aug 21, 2021

In this episode, I sit with Robert Clancy, spiritual teacher, speaker, and best-selling author of such notables as Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope And Happiness, The Messenger, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul, and others.  We start off from the pivotal moment in his life at 19, when on a hard path of self-destruction after experiencing a slew of personal tragedies, he is met with a Divine contact of angelic transmission which alters his perception and direction forever.  We enter the heart of it all as he shares the downloads he’s since received of seeing “God’s math” in all of creation, the blessings of hope, faith, and love, and the powerful lessons he’s learned from those he has lost.  It is a heartfilled hour of spiritual reframes and peace producing considerations, in service to making room in one's own consciousness for the awareness of the Divine working in their life.  
For more information go to: www.guidetothesoul.com

Letting Life In : Living Zen

Saturday Aug 07, 2021

Saturday Aug 07, 2021

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna is a psychologist, speaker, Zen practitioner of over 60 years, and author of over a half a dozen award-winning publications such as “Zen and The Art of Falling in Love”,  “Fearless - The Seven Principles of Peace of Mind”, and “The Anger Diet”.  Her latest revelation, “Zen Play: Instructions on Becoming Fully Alive” offers a compelling way to dissolve one's suffering and approach to life, by looking at it as koan - ancient dilemmas and questions that are impossible to figure out.   In this episode, Dr Brenda brings rich simplicity, wisdom, and ancient Zen teachings to our life issues and pains, offering ways to let life in, let go more, and dissolve the fear that cripples us.  Such topics include, a deeper explanation of Zen practice, the potency and purpose of koans, the disease of the mind, the three poisons in Zen, learning to “see through” our suffering and conditions, and the ultimate zen koan in life.  
To learn more about her many works, teachings, and events go to:

Saturday Jul 31, 2021

Christine Collister is an accomplished folk, blues, and jazz singer whose depth of work spans over 37 years, 24 albums, and stunning collaborations with some of the most decorated artists of our time.  Part One, we kick back as old friends would, as she touches upon unique and unexpecting experiences and tools that have informed her spiritual awakening, unfolding heart, and creative work in the past decade - from discovering the profundity of sacred toning in a sarcophagus on a pilgrimage to Egypt, to the healing potency of tensor technology.  Part 2 of this listening experience, Christine offers a spectacular video for this sweet episode -- her sacred toning -- sung amongst the Avalonian seaside caves from her home on the Isle of Mann.   (Suggested: watch the video portion first (PART 2), in order  to get a greater context of the toning experience before listening to this special episode.)
To listen to PART TWO, go to: https://youtu.be/GKXJagwkf4M
To learn more about her work, go to: www.christinecollister.com

The Medicine of the Future

Saturday Jul 24, 2021

Saturday Jul 24, 2021

Gail Lynn is an engineer, researcher, and author of:  “Unlocking The Ancient Secrets To Healing:  Why Science is Looking to the Past for the Future of Medicine”.  She is also the creator of The Harmonic Egg, a revolutionary vibroacoustic sound and light resonance chamber that is giving thousands of people new hope for a quality of life they never imagined.  In this episode, we discuss the intricate technologies of sacred geometry and Tesla mathematics that went into the development of this extraordinary device, fascinating testimonials of those whom she has treated, and the ability of light and sound technology  to energetically shift humanity towards the complete eradication of disease.  
To learn more, go to:

Saturday Jul 17, 2021

Jason Christoff is a renowned self-sabotage coach, health recovery mentor, and mind-control expert helping people from all over the world break the negative programs that disempower themselves so they can create their best lives as fully aware and awake beings.  In this episode, he pulls out all the stops on addressing the components of repetitive content to shape belief and behavior, the history of these negative systems and groups which have been in operation for thousands of years, and a way out of the cycles that disempower and degrade humanity.  It is a conversation of deep considerations, uncomfortable truths, and considerable content unfamiliar in the common narratives of today.  Other topics include the toxic effects of coffee, the tv, and a critical look at the societal approach at play towards children’s health and well-being.
Show notes:
Article Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects https://bit.ly/3bcnRbd
Podcast #1 Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects https://bit.ly/3nZggBT
Podcast # 2 Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects  https://bit.ly/3ewwM9D
Video Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects https://bit.ly/3vQPVJc
To learn more about Jason go to:

Saturday Jul 10, 2021

Dr. Art Zimiga is a humble Lakota elder, as well as professor at Harvard, UCLA and others, serving as a national and world known Native American educator.  Learn about the tenets of the Lakota philosophy, “The Four Values,” the sacred numbers of 7 and 4, and what it means to follow The Red Road in life.  Understand the power of choice, the opportunities to understand one another better and awaken one’s Spirit, the nature of time to the Lakota people, and the necessity of dissolving ignorance for the progression and ascension of humanity.  He bestows moving stories and passages from his beloved ancestors and mentors.  This is a rare listening experience, more like a sacred fireside gathering in the Black Hills of South Dakota, with a true indigenous sage bringing forth prayer, potent life wisdom, spiritual insight, and deep considerations for happiness and healing.

Saturday Jul 03, 2021

Patricia Cori is an internationally acclaimed author of over a dozen books on the realms of the mystic and a pioneer for the new thought community for over three decades. Her latest publication, “The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Awakening Human Collective”, affirms earlier prophecies as well as confirms various subjects: from humankind’s ascension into the fourth dimension and new parallel realities, to exoplanetary migrations of our species and the merging of mind with AI.  In this episode, we explore such topics as The Sirian High Council and their purpose in humanity, reconstructing the architecture of our DNA from 2 strands to our purported original 12, the mutation of time, states of acceleration as we rewrite our blueprint, constructive and destructive frequency input, and the importance of living as true sovereign beings.  
For more information go to www.patriciacori.com

Saturday Jun 26, 2021

Mary Madeiras is an Emmy award-winning director, screenwriter, CEO of the social impact company “Madeira Impact”, and Advanced Akashic reader.  In 2008, her life took a spiritual turn as she explains how she was  guided to discover, study, and put into practice the reading of the Akashic Records.  In this episode, we demystify the nature of the Akashic records, their value to humanity, and offer messages at this time on the subjects of our individual purpose, the presence of fear, and the urgency in recognizing our true Divine nature.  Mary shares personal passages of Source’s influence on her writing per the guidance of reading her records, the motivation to know why we are here, and the power of inner confirmation as we move forward in life.  To learn more go to: www.spirittherapybymary.com

Saturday Jun 19, 2021

Esra Ogut is a transformational coach and author of “Money Does Grow on Trees:  The Myths We Create and Live By”.  In this comprehensive episode, we cover a myriad of “myths” and stories that block one from abundance and allowing, address the fundamental concept of the “being state”, and how we can get out of the box of our own limitations and step into higher choosing.  Esra takes Diane through a powerful process in real time to transform the inner state, as well as offers exercises for upleveling ones’ life in any area and how to rewrite the past stories that bind oneself to lack.

Saturday Jun 12, 2021

Brendan D. Murphy is a truth-warrior from Down Under and author of the book, “The Grand Illusion:  A Synthesis of Science & Spirituality”, an extensively in-depth look at the many theories of quantum psychics and how consciousness is at the heart of all creation.  In this episode, we take a steady jog through various aspects of the human consciousness during the current moment on Earth:  the power of fear, mind control systems, core human freedoms, and higher awareness.  Other topics covered include the fascinating factoids about the pineal gland, kundalini awakening, and personal shared tidbits of the mystical, alien contact, and past life recall.

Saturday Jun 05, 2021

26 years ago Jeffery C. Olsen and Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll’s lives crossed in ways that no one could ever imagine.  Their story goes beyond simple belief and into the stratospheres of the miraculous, leading them to form a friendship and bond that would last forever.  In March 1997,  Jeffery Olsen was in a horrific car accident that took the lives of his wife, Tamara and his youngest son, Griffin, leaving himself fighting for his own life - riddled with horrendous injuries, ongoing life-threatening complications, and an amputated leg above the knee.  An event, filled both with unimaginable devastation and miracles, Jeffery Olsen was a supreme witness to it all  - having both near-death and near-life experiences that colored his world and imprinted on his being.  Dr Jeff, one of his physicians, was his own witness during that day - seeing and communicating directly with Jeffery’s deceased wife in the operating room, along with a resident nurse,  and being given a blessed message of his patient’s future.  
In this special two part episode, we ask the deep questions of the heart, of the soul, and of a life well-lived as they both share their extraordinary learnings, experiences, and vulnerabilities - collectively through this event and individually in their own lives.  If you are looking for a message of strength, peace, and completion, this is one talk that will stay with you long after you listen and as you go back to listen and remember, again and again.  
To learn more about their works in the world and their award-winning books, go to:
For Jeffery C. Olsen go to:  envoypublishing.com 
For Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll go to:  www.jeffodriscoll.com

Saturday May 29, 2021

Dr. Steven Ross is an author, wisdom teacher, speaker, and co-founder of the World Research Foundation - a library which holds upwards to 30,000 volumes of material on all forms of alternative therapies and healing techniques dating back to 1492.  In this intriguing conversation, he shares riveting personal stories and jaw dropping tales of discovery, dream guidance, and miracle healing, as well as extrapolates on his extensive knowledge on Rife technology in the eradication of disease, color therapy, the ancient alchemists, and our innate power to heal and create anything.

Saturday May 22, 2021

Carole Serene Borgens has been channeling spirit wisdom since the early 1990s when she was introduced to this Divine Cosmic Source regarded as “Pax”.  Since then, she has authored many prophetic works including the best selling book, “Do Unto Earth:  It’s Not Too Late” - a wake up call to us all - which answers many pressing questions critical to our life, the planet, and beyond.  In this talk, we address topics unpacked in great detail by Pax - from the nature of our origins, insights into unsolved “mysteries” (Amelia Earheart, Bermuda Triangle, Pyramids), inter-dimensional visitors and their purpose, super plants that heal, a return to our indigenous ancestors, and the 911 call necessary to heal the environment and humanity.  

The Job of the Spiritual Be-ing

Saturday May 15, 2021

Saturday May 15, 2021

Rev. Jsu Garcia DSS is a spiritual counselor, best-selling author, and humble guidepost for inner peace traveling the globe, ministering his service to others through his workshops and satsang.  This talk is a salve of life-enhancing  insight, spiritual tenets, and a moving conversation back to the center of our hearts and away from the mental and emotional distractions that get in the way of the inner experience of knowing.  As a personal assistant, driver, and friend for over 26 years to the spiritual wayfarer, mystic, and Traveler known as the late John Roger DSS, Jsu shares details of this unique and life-altering passage, and specific teachings he absorbed and continues to receive from this master.  Jsu has dedicated his life to telling the story of J-R, this unique man who brought forth the Universal teachings of love and forgiveness through humor and practical spirituality, and imparted the keys of Soul Transcendence to many.  Listen and grow your inner temple as you learn the principles of becoming a powerful co-creator:  how to lean into the Light, dissolve psychic self attack and self-deception, and cultivate the power of discernment, personal accountability, and living Truth.

Bringing Us Back to Lemuria

Saturday May 08, 2021

Saturday May 08, 2021

Who were the Lemurians and this ancient civilization?  Are they proven legend or do we hold the cellular memories of these advanced beings and technology within us?  What was the nature of “The Fall” and what is the New Earth and  “The Ascension” really about?  These questions and many more are answered by spiritual teacher, hypnotherapist, and international author of Coming Home to Lemuria, Charmian Redwood.  We travail the spiritual skies with a plethora of related subjects such as:  the crystal grids of the Earth, the significance of star systems, our shift from carbon to crystalline bodies, and the nature of manifesting from the ether.  This talk will open your heart to great wisdom and how we must all ultimately raise our vibration individually to awaken to our greater truth.  This episode is a seeker’s delight and not to be missed.

Saturday May 01, 2021

Matthew Thie is the president, co-author, and senior instructor of the comprehensive healing system and best-selling textbook, Touch For Health (TFH) which has been taught in over 100 countries for over 40 years.  His late father, John Thie, the world renowned chiropractor and holistic health pioneer, was the founder of this work, and served to seed this technology deep into his son’s consciousness even as a young child.  In this episode, we explore the nuts and bolts of this comprehensive model which utilizes energy kinesiology, meridian balancing, acupressure points, and the 5-elemental Chinese medicine model along with other time-tested techniques for whole-body equilibrium.  We explore the TFH history, its significance in activating our body’s innate intelligence, the nature of self-responsibility in healing, and simple yet potent techniques for releasing emotional and energetic imbalance and stress.

Saturday Apr 24, 2021

Ingrid Honkala PhD is a marine biologist, mother, and author of the illuminating autobiography,  A Brightly Guided Life:  How a Scientist Learned to Hear Her Inner Wisdom .  A native of Bogota, Colombia, her story begins at the age of two after drowning in an ice cold well in her family’s backyard and is soon given not only her first of many glimpses of Heaven, the nature of reality, and our connectedness, but the doors of deeper perception open as she communicates with what she calls the “Beings of Light”.  Since then, a myriad of experiences that could be considered both mystical and impossible to some, have been an integral part of her path and teaching.  As  a giver of Light, Ingrid humbly shares the many messages these Beings of Light have for us all. - from how we can live in this world to the cultivation of the unlimited Divine mind.  To learn more about her work go to:  ingridhonkala.com

Saturday Apr 17, 2021

Sol Luckman is an award-winning author of Conscious Healing, Potentiate your DNA, and several other acclaimed works, as well as, the co-founder of The Regenetics Method - a revolutionary genetic repatterning approach utilizing key linguistic codes, Sound, Light, and intention. We kick the door wide open and usher deeper considerations and insight regarding many pressing topics - from the power and technology to self-heal and reclaim our inherent potential, to the current possibilities of next-level “Era 3” metagenetics to seal what Sol aptly terms “the fragmentary body.”  Filled with unique wisdom, potent information, and enlightening query, this episode is a resource for all seekers and anyone wishing to step on higher ground. www.phoenixregenetics.org www.crowrising.com

Accessing the Angels

Saturday Apr 10, 2021

Saturday Apr 10, 2021

In this episode, I sit down with Alisha Das Hayes DSS - spiritual intuitive, conduit, and angel expert on many pressing questions I have collected from curious podcast listeners regarding angels and their place in this world.  We traverse a broad landscape of inquiries and dismantle the perceptions of how they came to be, deeper messages they come to share,  their purpose for existing, and how we can connect with them more deeply.

Saturday Apr 03, 2021

In this episode, I chat with “modern” Vedic astrologist, author, Zen Buddhist,  and creator of the popular Astrology News Report podcast, Ron Berger.  With both humor and candidness, he offers his depth of knowledge on the history, specifics, and principles of the Vedic system as a powerful practice to provide both wisdom and insight along the path of life.  Vedic astrology is acclaimed for its uncanny accuracy drawing from its roots going back over thousands of years.

Saturday Mar 27, 2021

In this episode, I sit down with best-selling author of Heaven is Beautiful, and Two Minutes for God, Rev. Peter Panagore for a heartfelt and illuminating conversation on all things of the Divine.  A two-time near-death experiencer, he first died in 1980 of hypothermia while ice climbing in Canada, and then again of a heart attack in 2015.   In this palpably sincere sharing, Peter brings forth marvelous insights - each building upon the next - and radical personal experiences into the windows of Heaven, Soul, and this presence we call God.   This talk is a  touching communion of stories, truths, and encouragement to live in your knowing.

Saturday Mar 20, 2021

Rob Wergin is a transformational healer, conduit, and modern day miracle man.  Featured in the Netflix film, HEAL, he has worked with over 250,000 people being an integral component to many people’s Divine healing.  In this chat, Rob shares his dramatic life-changing event that re-directed him back to his childhood soul path, his process, and the reasons behind why we get sick, and how we can ultimately heal.

The Path of the Siddhas

Saturday Mar 13, 2021

Saturday Mar 13, 2021

In this episode, I sit with Romarishi Siddha Nath.  An American kriya yogi, author, herbalist, and co-founder of MahaMudra EcoVillage Center in the Himalayas, he has dedicated his life along with his wife to the awakening of human consciousness.  We touch upon his personal and revelatory experiences with living siddhas, ancient teachings of the East, on experiencing bliss consciousness, and living true seva - a life of service, and living purely off the blessings and donations of others.

Saturday Mar 06, 2021

In this lively, engaging, and deeply touching conversation, I chat with internationally renowned medium and author of “I’m Not Dead I’m Different” and her latest book, “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Afterlife But Were Afraid to Ask”, Hollister Rand.   She addresses many questions and curiosities with her extraordinary knowledge around the concept of death and the afterlife, offering up great anecdotal evidence of the eye-opening messages of Spirit.  With wit, wisdom, and heartfelt warmth she clears the path of doubt and sheds light  upon many subjects within this context.

Monday Mar 01, 2021

Rev Bill McDonald is an award winning poet, mystic, Vietnam veteran, keynote speaker, and author of many books including Alchemy of a Warrior’s Heart and A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey.  An illuminating storyteller, his tales of multiple NDE’s, mystical encounters, and paranormal happenings span over seven decades.  From his mind-bending tales of the unexplainable during his active call of duty in Vietnam, to his experiencing the rainbow body and time travel, our conversation delves into both the irrefutable existence of miracles and magic, told through the lens of a true warrior.

Saturday Feb 20, 2021

Traditionally called the Nadi Jyotish, or the science of thumbprints, it is said that the great sages of India etched the destinies of souls upon palm leaves approximately 2000-4000 years ago.  Each leaf collected in bundles, describes the story of one soul, and if you are meant to find yours, as legend says, it will be found.  Once a match appears, sometimes after months of searching through many temple libraries, readers who are trained in this ancient science interpret the leaf with stunning accuracy and precision, offering insights to one’s life journey - past, present and future.  In this episode, I talk with Dr Q Mouyad, the founder of the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute, a center dedicated to preserving and sharing these mystical wisdom manuscripts for those who seek it.  After a series of life events propelling him on his own spiritual quest, he was led to the nadis and thus told he would be spreading this unique knowledge with the world.

Friday Feb 05, 2021

A deep dive into the world of biofield tuning and frequency healing with one of my mentors, and author of the new book, Electrical Body, Electrical Health, Eileen Day McKusick.  Learn about the vibrational landscape called the biofield, the significance of electrical health, the nature of distance healing, and how sound and light can transform what is stuck in your life.

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