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The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast is a place where we have fun talking about the phenomenal and the fascinating. A collective of conversations where we stir inquiry, inspiration, and innovations in service to your soul. Expect light-hearted yet stimulating explorations, stories, and insights on spiritual teachings, mystical places, ancient technology, and radical healing modalities. It is a home, for a depth of resource and life-enhancing revelations to expand your life. I invite you to come…listen...and be fascinated.

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11 hours ago

Jonathon Hammond is shamanic practitioner and author of the book: The Shamans’ Mind: Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life.  As a teacher of the Huna way, Jonathan offers a framework for successful living through these esoteric and spiritual principles that are the foundation of many of the shamanistic traditions of Hawaii. 
In this episode he shares his experience of moving into healer-ship as a career, the experiences and opportunities that became present for both of us when one  follows that inner guidance, and how Spirit is truly cheering us on when any of us courageously choose to take the leap and move into the greatest path of service.  
Topics from his book include:  the principles of Huna, ways to deal with our limiting beliefs, the importance of identifying what you want, learning to understand what the hardship in your life symbolizes as a means to healing, the 7 universal laws that all indigenous healers he has found ascribe to, and becoming a greater authority of your Divine creation.
To learn more about Jonathan and purchase his book go to:

Sunday Apr 30, 2023

Dr. Paul Kaye is a connoisseur of relaxation and deep presence.  He has been designing workshops on the practical application of spiritual principles worldwide for decades. 
He has studied with renowned educator, spiritual teacher and author John-Roger DSS, for nearly 50 years and is now president of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), an ecumenical, non-denominational church, founded by John-Roger.  Paul is also an ordained minister, has a Doctorate in Spiritual Science, and has co-authored, with John-Roger, a number of books including: Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being, Momentum: Letting Love Lead, What’s It Like Being You?, Living Life as Your True Self, and The Rest of Your Life: Finding Repose in the Beloved.
In this episode, we discuss such subjects as soul awareness and coming into attunement with our beloved nature, a deeper inquiry into stillness as a dynamic state of being, the metaphor of the yin yang, understanding the still point in creation, and more.  Tune in to the end to receive a beautiful meditation to support you in expanding into the awareness of Presence so that you can feel more free, now.  
To learn more about Dr. Paul Kaye and the concepts shared go to:

Sunday Dec 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered how the patterns in your hand offer insight and directive into the story, path and purpose of your life?  Brent Bruning is a master hand analyst from the International Institute of Hand Analysis and author of the book:  The Power in Your Hands.  In this talk, he brings illuminating clarity to this modern form of the ancient art of palmistry and how the fingerprints point to a deeper connection to creation itself and our Divine role in this ever unfolding continuum.
Sometimes misunderstood as mere fortune telling, hand analysis is rooted in the deeper understanding of the Self through reading the entirety of ones hand with great detail, precision, and acumen. He offers his depth of knowledge and experience around this work having studied over 20,000 hands on such topics as:  the interpretation of line formations and shapes in the hand known as chirognomy; how the hand is directly linked to the sensory cortex, how the blueprint of your early consciousness comes in through the thumb, the archetypal patterns found in the hand and their relevance to your choices in life, and how we can ultimately use this tool to facilitate greater awareness of who we truly are - our inherent gifts, highest path of unfoldment, and Soul purpose.  
Brent has offered a special discount to receive your own hand analysis for all Spiritual Geek Out listeners.  Simply type in:  SpiritualGeekOut upon check out. 
To learn more about Brent's work go to:

Monday Nov 14, 2022

Dr. Gil Kajiki is a chiropractor, certified functional medicine practitioner, patient educator, and author of the book:  Sick, Tired, Untreated and Abandoned:  How the Medical Community Fails Hashimoto's Patients, and How You Can Get Your Life Back.  In this talk we explore many inroads to healing, optimal wellness, and addressing the limited perceptions around thyroid dysfunction - particularly autoimmune thyroid or Hashimotos.  Such topics include lesser known supplemental approaches to healing, potential correlates to this disease manifestation, understanding the great differentiation in lab analysis, the case of cellular mimicry, and much much more.  For anyone suffering from thyroid disease, this episode can serve as a potent resource for your healing journey and self-knowledge.
To learn more about Dr Kajiki go to:
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Monday Oct 24, 2022

Gary Springfield - visionary, teacher, and author of The Source Dialogues is back for another heart illuminating and spiritually stimulating discussion on all things Soul, Christ Consciousness, and the dissolving of illusion.  In this episode, we pick up from our previous talk and go deeper around the subject of the Christ matrix and awakening to our perfection.  We traverse such topics as:  how we block the perceiving of the Light within, how we can learn to observe all of creation with equanimity, the significance of the unconscious feeling body, the opportunity for every soul right now in service to healing unresolved darkness, the nature of the void, and so much more.  
To learn more about Gary, go to:

Saturday Oct 08, 2022

Catia Machado dos Santos is the author of Runes: The Cryptology of the Soul, a book that is a great culmination of her journey working with the ancient technology of the runes for many decades - portals as she describes them to be to the akasha.  We open with her sharing what set her off on this new and radical soul directive - an encounter 46 years ago on a beach, with a starship and its benevolent light beings.  From that point forward her life changed, as her consciousness was dramatically altered for the better.  New information on the nature of Soul, karma, DNA cleaning, spiritual protection and spiritual laws, the runic system, and much more became known in her awareness.  We address many of these revelations, her experiences into other realms, and the ultimate opportunity here on Earth - to awaken to our knowledge and heal ourselves in all ways, because we can. 
NOTE: this interview is translated from Portuguese to English 
To learn more about Catia and her work, go to:

Saturday Sep 03, 2022

In this episode we explore many principles, teachings, stories, and writings of the prophet Bahaullah, the founder of the Baha'i faith.  We discuss just who Bahaullah was and was considered to be by many that followed him, the phenomena of the prophetic cycle on Earth, his main message for humanity, predictions made a couple centuries ago of which many have come to pass, Bahaulah's teachings on death, conception, and the afterlife, how to change our relationship to pain and suffering, and so much more.  
Deborah Walters is a licensed homeopath, researcher, and devout practitioner for almost two decades of the Baha'i faith.  She is the author of the internationally best selling book, The Supreme Remedy - based on her extensive research on the body, ego and soul coherence, which offers deep insights into the Baha'i fast.  In her private practice she offers over 15 years of experience & research on the microbiome, rewiring the nervous system and trauma; tenacious at innovating new ways of holistic healing that are both effective and practical.  Currently, she is immersed in research towards a PhD in Neurobehavioral Sciences, seeking the knowledge that could wholly but not entirely, eliminate fear. 
To learn more go to:
Deborah’s website: www.deborahshealingarts.com
Deborah’s book: www.grbooks.com 
Links on Baha'i teachings:

Friday Aug 12, 2022

Dr Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver are partners in life and in the business of intimate relationship who have assisted more than ten thousand couples and singles in rekindling and expanding themselves around this subject for over the past two decades.  They are the authors of the book, Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love, and Intimacy.  Elsbeth and Freddy are also the founders and directors of the TantraNova Institute in Chicago and have shared their intimacy wisdom on Showtime's documentary series, Sexual Healing.  
In this rich and deeply revealing talk, they share at great length the principles of Tantra, as a language of love and a path to wholeness.  We break down such topics as: how life force energy and sexual energy are one in the same, just what is a yoni, relationship mastery being mastery of Self, explaining the body as a sex in a conscious way, how to transmute sexual energy to the heart, the value of not spilling one's life force energy, and distinguishing between fulfillment and gratification.  Dr Elsbeth humbly shares how she transformed her long history of attracting unavailable men and the spiritual opportunity that came present many years later through undergoing a hysterectomy and its connection to trauma and/or patterns held in the body.  
To learn more about their work visit:

Sunday Jul 10, 2022

Every once in a while, The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast incorporates renowned health experts in their respective fields to bring forth important and cutting-edge information to support your healing journey.  Dr Sanda Moldovan is no exception.  She is an award-winning periodontist, internationally recognized speaker, author of the book:  Heal Up: Seven Ways to Faster Healing and Optimum Health, and the go-to consultant for the Emmy award-winning, syndicated television series, "The Doctors".  
Many people are not aware that the mouth is the gateway to our health.  Dr. Sanda breaks down for us all just how and why this is.  
In this eye opening and information rich talk, we cover a wide array of topics such as: root canals and their correlation with many disease states, the usage of titanium as it relates to meridians and conductivity, mercury in the mouth and autoimmunity, how every tooth is a living organ, the miracle of ozone and why you should know about it if you have any dental or health issues, specific bacterias found in periodontal disease, and much much more.
Dr Sanda Moldovan is offering a generous 20 percent discount in her online shop for all SGO podcast listeners.  You can purchase many of the things mentioned in our talk from the ozone tumbler generator, enzymes, oral probiotics, and more at:
Go to: SHOP and type in the code: DIANE20 to receive 20% off your entire order.

Friday Jun 24, 2022

Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick are pioneers and worldwide leaders in the field of Spiritual Psychology, as well as, teachers and facilitators of Awakening in Consciousness.  They are renowned educators, founding members and faculty at the University of Santa Monica where they have designed, developed, and facilitated educational programs in Spiritual Psychology for the past 35 years.  They are authors of the best selling book: Loyalty To Your Soul:  The Heart of Spiritual Psychology and their latest work:  Remembering the Light Within:  A Course in Soul-Centered Living, both published by Hay House. 
In this heartfelt and deeply inspiring talk they breakdown with great specificity the essence of Spiritual Psychology, the essence of deep healing, and the essence of you - as a Soul having a human experience.  We explore many key teachings and principles in Spiritual Psychology such as:  how our perceptual filters determine how we see the world, how you relate to the issue is the issue, the laws of Spirit, and how nothing outside of you causes your disturbances.  Learn how to transcend victimhood, the opportunity present in every situation and this Earth school, and how we can all awaken to our essential loving nature no matter what.  This talk will provide you with potent take-aways for your own evolution and inner awakening.  
To learn more about Ron & Mary and their upcoming online Loyalty to Your Soul workshop on September 9, 10 & 11, go to:


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